Francesca & Luigi

We are real happy that are friends Francesca & Luigi are willing to come to the Netherlands to teach at AcroYoga 2-day festival leiden.

Francesca & Luigi Whip Pops

About Francesca & Luigi

Driven by their passion for practicing and sharing, Francesca and Luigi are a couple of instructors who come from the sunny Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy. They met 8 yaers ago and fell in love also thanks to acro-yoga. Luigi is a Thai and Chinese massage (tuinà) therapist and thanks to his passion for ancient arts he also became a taiji chuan teacher with more than 10 years experience and a Meditation teacher. 
Francesca comes from dance world and she is a psycologist who loves the special way people share, communicate and interact when they play acro yoga.

In their practice, they love to create fluid and elegant flows but also enjoy the energy of speed and tempo through whips, whip-pops and ikarian games. They focus their training and teaching on small details and love to break down complicated moves with ease creating progressions to make sure success even more complex tricks. They believe that practicing acroyoga is a lucky opportunity to grow as human beings, to best express every one own potential and to contribute creating a community of people focused on sharing, supporting and enjoy life.  In their way of teaching there is always a bit of irony between them to remind that smiling is the spice of life. 

They often perfom, teach regular classes, organize workshops and retreats all over the world. With other two italians teachers they founded the “AcroFusion Teacher Traing”, an acroyoga program to become a teacher. The event they like most is the “Sicily Acro Convention”, a cool acrobatic convention they organize in the summer, bringing together many national and international teachers and participants.

They love to travel and to discover different cultures creating friendships and communities where a beautiful laugh never fails.

Francesca & Luigi